2019 is here

Happy New Year! It feels as if I’ve been waiting forever, but 2019 is finally here, when my debut novel will be published. And I’m delighted to say that it has been included in a few lists of debuts to watch for this year - Cosmopolitan, The Sun, The Express, the Sunday Express and The Observer. It’s a great start to the year. 


It’s getting real...

Two very exciting things happened this week - I met some of my fantastic foreign publishers at a London Book Fair drinks (Gyldendal Norsk, Edition Robert Laffont, PRH Spain and Varrak) and I held a proof copy of Blood Orange for the first time. It’s a beauty and this is just the ARC... 


Me my book (proof) and I.     

Me my book (proof) and I.  




Look! My name! On my book! (I don’t think this will ever get tired...)