Blood Orange
By Harriet Tyce

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A sizzlingly addictive read, and its mysteries unfurl brilliantly to that often most elusive quality, a genuinely satisfying ending.


A pitch-black novel.

                                    The Observer

A gloriously toxic domestic noir, the unflinching story is helped by flawed and chaotic narrator Alison. The legal detail is fascinating…and the plot has enough creeping menace and twists to keep you frantically turning pages. A fabulous debut.

                                    The Sunday Mirror


Not for the faint-hearted, this disturbing tale expertly weaves together murder, sex and mystery for a plot with added bite. 

                                    Woman and Home


Tyce has done a brilliant job as creating a character so unlikeable as to be fascinating, while throwing twists and reveals just when you least expect them.



There is a fashion for flawed lead characters and ambitious lawyer Alison Wood certainly delivers.

                                    Daily Mail


A heart-pounding thriller that will appeal to fans of Apple Tree Yard.

                                    Good Housekeeping


A lawyer’s life is even more full of dark complications than that of the client she is defending on a murder charge.

                                     S Magazine


Trust me; if you’re rocking a Book Club then this IS the read you’re looking for.



Tyce gives the domestic noir a timely update with this dark debut.

The i Weekend


The new Paula Hawkins.


Tyce’s debut is an excellent psychological thriller, so good it could be one of the best of the nascent year.

                            Crime Reads

This debut novel by a former barrister displays the pacing skills and smooth prose of a seasoned author, as suspense builds to a stunning climax. Keep your eyes on Tyce.



Incredibly well-written and hopelessly addictive, Blood Orange is a top contender for best debut novel of the year, and Harriet Tyce is someone to keep an eye on moving forward.

                                    The Real Book Spy

A page-turner that drives to a shocking and satisfying ending. Readers will eagerly await Tyce’s next.

                                    Publishers Weekly


Readers who enjoy wallowing in other people's misery will relish this disturbing story.

                                    Kirkus Review